Water Spray Nozzles

As a leading Water Spray Nozzle Manufacturer, our HD range encompasses various types of nozzles, including medium velocity water spray nozzles, high velocity water spray nozzles, water curtain nozzles, tank cooling nozzles, reverse action nozzles, jumbo curtain nozzles, and revolving nozzles. Each of these nozzles plays a crucial role in fire suppression.

Medium velocity nozzles (MV) are directional spray nozzles utilized in fixed water spray systems for fire protection. While, reverse action water spray nozzles achieve the same purpose but in a reversed mounting direction. MV nozzles discharge uniformly filled cones of medium-velocity water droplets, essential for effective extinguishing and cooling.

High velocity nozzles (HV) find principal application in water spray systems, safeguarding fixed hazards like transformers and circuit breakers. Water curtain nozzles distribute water in a flat pattern reaching the ground, creating a curtain to segregate the fire-affected area. Our Medium Velocity Nozzles and High Velocity Nozzles are UL Listed and FM Approved. While our Reverse Action Nozzles, Tank Cooling Nozzles, and Water Curtain Nozzles are UL Listed. For detailed approval information, technical specifications, and ordering details, please refer to our product catalogues, aligned with NFPA standards.