Water Spray Nozzles
HD water spray nozzles range consists of medium velocity water spray nozzles, high velocity water spray nozzles, water curtain nozzles, tank cooling nozzles, reverse action nozzles, jumbo curtain nozzles and revolving nozzles. Medium velocity nozzles (MV) are directional spray nozzles used in fixed water spray systems in fire protection applications. While reverse action water spray nozzles also serve the same purpose, wherein mounting is in reverse direction. MV nozzles discharge uniformly filled cone of medium velocity water droplets, required for effective extinguishing and cooling purpose. High velocity nozzles (HV) are principally used in water spray systems for the protection of fixed hazards such as transformers and circuit breakers. Water curtain nozzles distribute water in a flat pattern extending all the way to the ground. Water curtain is produced to segregate the area, which is under fire. Our nozzles are UL Listed and/or FM Approved. Not all models may carry all approvals. Please refer to product catalogues for approval information, technical specifications and ordering information.