Tank Cooling Nozzle

HD Tank Cooling Water Spray Nozzle is an open orifice and non-automatic spray nozzle. HV nozzle is designed for use in fixed water spray fire protection systems, especially for protection of fuel storage tanks. Tank Cooling Nozzle is typically mounted in upright position at a distance from the exterior wall of the tank for cooling of the tank. In case of fire in the vicinity of the tank it prevents the tank from absorbing the heat radiation. Tank Cooling Nozzle is UL Listed.
  • Model: TS - Brass Construction
  • Model: TSS - Stainless Steel Construction
  • Size: 1/2" BSPT / NPT
  • K-Factors: K20, K30, K37, K42, K58, K79
  • Non-automatic open orifice
  • UL Listed
Tank Cooling Nozzle