High Velocity Spray Nozzle(1 Inch)

HD High Velocity Water Spray Nozzle is an open orifice and non-automatic directional spray nozzle. HV nozzle is designed for use in fixed water spray fire protection systems where a high velocity water application is needed. This includes applications such as protection of electrical transformers, circuit breakers, oil-fired boilers and lube oil systems. HV nozzle comes in various materials of construction and is UL Listed.
  • Non-automatic, open orifice, directional spray nozzle
  • Model - HV-HB in Brass material with Copper strainer & HV-H in Stainless Steel 316 material with Stainless Steel Strainer
  • For high velocity water application for protection of flammable liquid and electric transformers
  • K-factor: K-48 x 100°, K-58 x 100°, K-61 x 75°, K-78 x 90°
  • 1” BSPT/NPT connection
  • Nozzle also available with blow-off cap
  • UL Listed
High Velocity Spray Nozzle HV - HB & HV - H