Technical Capabilities

Technical Expertise

One of our core competencies is industry-specific knowledge and experience. Our senior professionals are experts in firefighting specialised disciplines, people who have gained their expertise by actually working in the field, understanding various principles of firefighting applications. Our top management and most of the technical workforce have been working in the field of fire protection area with an average of 15 to 20 years.

Company’s Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Harish Dharamshi is a Mechanical Engineer of over 40 years of experience in fire protection area. Throughout his work span he has worked in design, concept development and production of fire protection systems as well as in other areas like fire protection contracting and project execution. R&D, Engineering, Quality and Marketing departments include well qualified engineers, certified auditors, and experienced techno-commercial managers.

Product Development and Manufacturing

We analyse market information by adding various elements such as code requirements, industry standardization trends, technological trends and customer requirements by carrying out thorough surveys and client interactions. We are in touch with the end users including fire officers and consultants and invite them to project their demand for further safety measures they wish to adopt in designing their systems. Based on this market information encompassing data Company’s technological information is integrated to establish product development roadmap.
Our integrated production system leads from materials to finished products, allowing accumulation of technological elements such as materials, processing, design, and production technology, as well as supporting software, analysis and evaluation. In our integrated production system, all technical elements are sequenced and mutually connected with each other.

Value Added Services

Our engineers recommend suitable system for specific fire protection application. While we also provide guidance on hydraulic calculations of water and foam systems and designing of gas suppression systems.

Our field engineers provide service and support with activities including commissioning assistance, installation, and technical support. We also organize training programs at our facility, as well as on site, covering various areas such as technical training, product installation and commissioning training, etc.