HD Fire Protect is committed to utilize advanced manufacturing technologies to product highest quality products. Our manufacturing facilities are well maintained, adhere to all the safety parameters and are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 standards. We welcome you to visit our factories in Jalgaon and Thane, India to see how “HD” products are made.
  • Manufacturing facilities include:
    • Manufacturing plant having area of 11 Acres (479,200 Sq. feet)
    • In-House foundry with semi-automatic sand reclamation & mould handling systems
    • CNC machine shop with 5-Axis advance machining centers
    • Advanced fabrication facility certified for manufacturing pressure vessels as per ASME Code
    • Grit blasting facilities
    • Automated painting, powder and fusion-bond epoxy (FBE) coating units
    • Special purpose machines
    • Flow testing facilities with flow up to 18,000 lpm
    • Exhaustive testing centre and laboratory having facilities for Hydraulic, Performance, Induction, Foam Expansion, Metal testing using Spectrograph, PMI, CMM, Tensile Strength and Elongation, Various NDT Tests, etc.
    • 250 KW Solar Power Plant
    • Semi-automatic material storage and handling systems
  • Completely indigenous R&D facilities
  • Product training center in classroom-style facility
  • Fully automated & integrated business processes through TCS iON ERP system
  • Stocking Warehouse at Thane (near Mumbai, India)
  • Corporate Office in Thane (near Mumbai, India)
  • Registered Office in Mumbai