Foam Concentrates

HD fire-fighting foam concentrates range is extensive and meets a wide range of fire-fighting challenges. Our various types of foam concentrates are approved and conform to various International Standards such as UL 162 and FM 5130.

Our extensive range of firefighting foam concentrates encompasses Aqueous Film Forming Foam Concentrate (AFFF), Alcohol-Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AR-AFFF), Fluoroprotein (FP), Film Forming Fluoroprotein (FFFP), and the latest addition, HD AR-SFFF (Alcohol-Resistant Synthetic Fluorine-Free Foam) concentrate. This comprehensive collection caters to diverse firefighting needs, ensuring effective responses to various flammable liquid fires.

HD Fire Protect is recognized as a premier supplier of firefighting foams, and our fluorine-free solutions are particularly noteworthy. These foams, employed in fire extinguishing systems, exhibit exceptional efficacy by forming a resilient foam blanket upon application to the fuel surface. This blanket acts as a robust barrier against both flammable liquids and vapors, facilitating efficient fire suppression. Our cutting-edge foam solutions incorporate fluorine-free technology, utilizing polar solvents and hydrocarbon surfactants to reduce surface tension and enhance the expansion ratio during application.

Effective storage is paramount to optimizing the lifespan and performance of firefighting foam concentrates. We strongly recommend following our general guidelines and storage recommendations to ensure proper handling and storage of our fire suppression foam concentrates. For detailed approval information, technical specifications, and ordering details, please refer to our product catalogues.