Flexible Sprinkler Drops

A flexible sprinkler drop is necessary to enhance the flexibility of installation of Sprinkler Systems. One of its crucial components, sprinkler drop is used to link the tip of the piping to the sprinkler head, ensuring optimal positioning of sprinklers. HD-FLEX flexible sprinkler drops consist of stainless steel flexible hoses designed for quick installation, facile relocation, and seamless retrofitting of fire sprinklers. Recognized as a reputed supplier of Fire Sprinkler Flexible Hoses, our HD-FLEX sprinkler drops hold FM approval and UL Listing, adhering to the stringent quality standards.

HD-FLEX sprinkler drops feature a robust construction, ensuring compliance with NFPA standards for designing fire protection systems. These flexible drops, characterized by their stainless steel material, offer inherent corrosion resistance and longevity, aligning seamlessly with NFPA guidelines.

Tailored for the discerning needs of contractors and fire protection professionals, HD-FLEX sprinkler drops come equipped with essential brackets and connections, facilitating the integration of fire sprinkler heads in accordance with NFPA requirements. Available in various sizes, with options for braided and unbraided stainless steel hoses, HD-FLEX provides a versatile and compliant solution for a wide range of applications.

The comprehensive HD-FLEX unit encompasses a corrugated stainless steel flexible sprinkler hose, featuring a nipple, reducer, bar, and brackets—all meticulously designed to meet NFPA standards and enhance the efficiency of fire protection systems. These technologically advanced solutions not only adhere to NFPA regulations but also elevate the ease and precision of fire sprinkler system installations. For detailed technical specifications, compliance information, and ordering details, please refer to our product catalogue on the website.
  • “HD-FLEX” Flexible Sprinkler Connections
  • Complete unit consists of a Corrugated Stainless Steel Flexible with Nipple, Reducer, Square Bar and Brackets
  • Sizes: 700/800MM, 1000MM, 1200MM, 1500MM
  • Max Service Pressure : 14 Bar (200 psi)
  • Material of Construction: Stainless Steel
  • Support Brackets, Inlet/Outlet Connectors and Square Bar - Mild steel, zinc plated
  • UL Listed and FM Approved
  • Reduced labour costs and faster installation time
  • Easy relocation of sprinklers within a short distance with ceiling modifications without re-cutting or modifications of existing pipe and fittings
  • Ability to be installed in various types of ceilings
  • Ideal for installation in seismic or vibrating applications
  • Ideal for fast track construction projects
  • Fewer tools required for installation
Flexible Sprinkler Drop