We are a people sensitive organisation and we strongly believe in power of collaboration. Elements of engagement, team-work, professional growth as well as fun are essential parts of working at HD Fire Protect. These ingrain feeling of involvement & belonging among the people of our company. Being a family-oriented organisation, we want our people to have a healthy working environment, so they can deliver their best. Our value-based culture is of utmost significance to us and it has given us a sense of community.

Career Development

At HD Fire Protect, we invest in the growth and development of our employees, and offer comprehensive programs that help in development of their skill sets and knowledge. Our approach to career growth is based on the company’s development philosophy, which emphasizes that professional growth occurs through a combination of work experience and training.

Work Place

We understand that the efficiency of the business also depends on work place. We offer professional working environment. Our office is equipped with conference rooms for video conferences and international calls, board rooms, small meeting rooms as well as dining area. Our factories and offices are completely fully equipped with state-of-the-art safety and security systems.


HD Fire Protect provides its employees with comprehensive compensation and benefits. Our compensation philosophy is to provide market-competitive pay while rewarding employees for individual and business performance. We offer several benefits like health-check-ups, insurance, performance based incentives. Please check with our HR department for further details.