Pre-Pack® Systems (Pre Action System)

Pre-Action fire sprinkler systems employ the dry pipe concept, where water is kept from sprinkler piping by a Pre-Action Valve. These systems, particularly double interlock pre-action systems, demand two distinct fire detection signals for activation. Specifically designed for water-sensitive environments requiring protection from inadvertent water flow, these systems ensure the released water is appropriately directed, preventing unnecessary damage.

The electrically operated valves in the system offer precise control over water flow from the sprinkler heads. Our HD Pre-Pack® presents a pre-assembled Pre-Action System housed in a self-contained cabinet, while HD Pre-Action systems are also available in a skid-mounted configuration. UL Listed, these systems can be configured as single or double-interlock, offering various options.

The standard pre-action sprinkler system comprises components such as the HD deluge pre-action valve, riser check valve, pre-action trim, fail-safe valve, butterfly valve, pressure switches, solenoid valve, air compressor, and a releasing panel. For comprehensive details on approval, technical specifications, and ordering information, please refer to our product catalogs.