HD-INERTSYS® Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems

HD-INTERSYS® System is a clean agent fire suppression system (IG55, IG541, IG100, IG01). It is particularly useful for suppressing fires in hazards, where an electrically non-conductive medium is required; where clean-up of other extinguishing agents is a problem; or where the hazard is normally occupied and requires a non-toxic extinguishing agent. It is very effective in extinguishing Class A, Class B as well as Class C fires. HD-INTERSYS® i.e. Inert Gas Fire Suppression System works by completely flooding the room with inert gas, reducing the oxygen content necessary for combustion, but at the same time ensuring that there is adequate oxygen concentration for use in occupied areas. HD-INTERSYS® is VdS Approved system.

With the naturally available gasses - Argon, Nitrogen & CO2, our advanced Inert Gas Fire Suppression Systems are highly beneficial in extinguishing fire in the most critical surroundings. With the great potency of inert gasses, these systems shield protected spaces. Holistic damage protection is granted with this gaseous fire suppression setup. With extensive system functionality, these meticulous inert gas suppression systems become the top choice for everyone due to their engineering for efficacy.