Nozzles - Air aspirating Foam-Water Sprinklers (Pendant)

HD Pendent Foam-Water Nozzles are air-aspirating foam discharge outlet sprinklers designed for use in foam-water deluge systems. They are designed for flammable liquid risks where it is desired to apply foam from overhead sprinklers and where follow-up with plain water in a standard spray sprinkler pattern is necessary. These are designed to discharge foam in a pre-determined discharge pattern. HD Pendent Foam-Water Nozzles are UL Listed and FM Approved.
  • Air aspirating type
  • Bronze or Stainless Steel Material
  • Finish: Natural Bronze or Staintless Steel
  • Size: 1/2" BSPT / NPT
  • Effective working pressure: 2.1 bar to 4.2 bar (30 to 60 PSI)
  • K-factor 2.95 (42 Metric)
  • Pendent mounting
  • UL Listed and FM Approved
Foam-Water Sprinklers